A Review of the Mind Mastery 101 Course:

Yay!  Today is Day 45 for me which means I completed and graduated from MM101.  W.O.W.  I am so appreciative and grateful for this course.  I have read both Mind Hacking Happiness Volumes 1 and 2 multiple times, however, this course adds a practical component to the materials that is simply amazing.

Here are my notes and takeaways:

  • Take notes as you progress through the course.  I had a notebook and pen handy for each session as if I were back in grade school.  A lot of the content that Sean shares is rich and scientific so I found myself pausing the videos often and taking notes from the slides so that I could absorb all that was being said.  The video format is great so that one can pause to really soak in the info.  I also very much appreciated that the slides had a lot of words on them because it was great being able to write down the concepts fully so that when I reviewed my notes I actually remembered what was being taught.
  • I appreciate the short videos and repetition.  The material can be very left-brained so I appreciate the short videos that focus on a topic so that the topic can be absorbed and then practiced.  I liked the format of the course very much and how each lesson built upon each other.  I also very much appreciated the repetition of the concepts because the repetition helped hammer home these new concepts in my brain.
  • Very, very much appreciate the tone of the program.  I LOVE Sean’s humor.  I like that the tone of the material is down-to-earth and accessible.  I found myself laughing out loud a lot as I was learning some very intense (in a good way) material.  I also like Sean’s no-nonsense, tell-it-straight-up style.  Very refreshing!
  • Appreciate the examples.  I liked hearing real life examples of how to use the {self} map and how to tweak one’s EP and P in order to shift’s one ER.  It would be cool to be able to read more real-life stories of how people have shifted their EP and P to live a happier life.

All in all, I am so very grateful for this course.  I notice myself using these tools often.  I now journal every day for at least 10 minutes because I want to clear out the garbage cans of my subconscious.  I already had a meditation practice, but now I am more committed to it because I know that I am strengthening my meta-awareness muscles.  I do float therapy from time to time.  Those are just a few things that I am now doing consistently because of this course.

I intend to continue practicing these lessons for the rest of my life and I look forward to additional courses to help deepen my mastery in being a Mind Happiness Hacker.

Thank you, Sean, for your commitment to raising the happiness levels in the world!  I share your mission and I am grateful for being part of the journey!

With much love and appreciation,

Lleslle Schroeder