About the Author and Creator of Mind Hacking Happiness


Sean Webb helps people supercharge their minds, and thus supercharge their lives. And he does it with a proper mix of science, ancient wisdom disciplines, and a brand new next level approach to mindfulness that the world has never seen.

As a published author, speaker, engineer, and alumnus of Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technologies Development Center, Sean has spent years solving complex systems problems for cutting edge technology and supercomputing companies. His latest complex system solve; what the brain needs to generate happiness without having to set life’s external conditions to find it and maintain it. He’s discovered how to hack the mind to generate happiness without any strings attached. As a bonus, it turns out that according to neuroscience, happiness supercharges the brain and increases health and well being, allowing the owner of that brain to experience increases in IQ, EQ, creativity, problem solving skills, a reduction in stress, and an improvement in overall health and well being. His science-informed mind hacks are now changing minds and changing lives, and his personal mission is to raise happiness levels in people so we can collectively raise happiness levels for the world.

For the last 20 years, Sean has become one of the world’s leading experts in how the human mind works, particularly in the area of human emotions and the thought processes that steal our happiness and block our ability to enjoy life. His work is used by universities to teach emotional intelligence, and his discoveries are so ground breaking, top universities and engineering firms have implemented his models to assist in the realm of affective computing (giving realistic human emotions to computers). Sean has spoken at the University of North Carolina, the University of Georgia, Emory University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and NASA.

Sean and his wife are licensed foster parents, and are active in numerous children’s and animal charities.


How Emotions Work in Humans and Computers – adapted from a white paper requested by MIT and GaTech.

Mind Hacking Happiness Volume I – written for the average reader, this book explains the mind in simple terms, and how to hack personal happiness based on the neuroscience of how happiness works.

Mind Hacking Happiness Volume II – this book goes deep into the rabbit hole of happiness, discussing our consciousness, the proven connection of our neurons with the quantum field, and reveals the secrets of the ancient phenomenon called “Enlightenment”.

Sean produced a 150 episode ‘Top 10’ five star rated podcast called which regularly appeared in the ‘New and Notables’ and ‘What’s Hot’ listings on iTunes. Viewership: 50,000 weekly. Some episodes for which were quietly archived on YouTube. He is launching the new Mind Hacking Happiness podcast late 2017.


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