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MHH Updates Your Brain’s OS

When people are empowered with the knowledge of how their mind actually works, they gain access to deep functions of the mind that create the limiting thoughts and unnecessary processing that inhibit their effectiveness, and their happiness. This allows them to then actually turn off those bad functions of their brain with training. MHH provides that training. We teach you how to utilize these “cheap tricks of neuroscience” which are guaranteed to succeed because they use the brain’s own internal wiring to create lasting and positive change in how the mind works. We shut down negativity with science.

This changes how the brain works overall in a major way.

MHH Improves Your Mind Control

Mind Hacking Happiness is not some weak-sauce mixture of tips and tricks that try to help you make your life moderately happier. Mind Hacking Happiness is a deeply effective and failsafe system which uses your existing brain wiring to change your brain, giving you complete control over your mind so as to change how your mind works. MHH uses the proven studied science of meta-awareness, giving you the volume knobs to turn your pain and suffering down, the control levers to increase your emotional intelligence and cognitive processing, and the power switch to turn on a deep eudaemonic well being which has been scientifically proven to positively affect both your psychological and physical well being. In short, Mind Hacking Happiness helps you supercharge your brain, thus helping you supercharge your life.

How the Science of MHH Works

Mind Hacking Happiness uses newly uncovered science of meta-awareness to make dramatic changes within your mind. Meta-awareness has been used for thousands of years within the world’s various contemplative disciplines to improve health and well being within the individual, and to open doors into deep mind that are not normally accessible in regular everyday life. In short, MHH provides a new scientific doorway into meta-awareness which provides all the health and psychological / spiritual benefits recorded in studies and historical anecdotal stories, but which does not require hours / weeks / months of sitting still in meditation to activate. We enable changes in your brain to occur that are caused by the brain’s own wiring, which improve your life whether you really wanted your life improved or not. So self-sabotage isn’t even possible. Because; SCIENCE!

Finding Successes With Addiction

Mind Hacking Happiness is not a program focused on addiction, but many of our students of mind hacking are finding major successes in managing and eliminating their addictions. This is because when you take control of your mind at its deepest levels, there is nothing you cannot accomplish in changing how your mind works, including the dysfunctions which exist and are catalyzed within those levels of mind. MHH helps people heal and shut off pain. When a pain that would otherwise need numbing no longer exists, the substance which would normally help numb that pain is no longer necessary. A special MHH program for addiction management is in the works. Sign up with an email below if you are interested in those future developments.

Successes With PTSD

MHH is not a program focused on PTSD. But some of our mind hacking students are reporting dramatic successes with symptom reduction of their diagnosed PTSD. A PTSD focused program is in development to specifically address PTSD challenges under the Mind Hacking Happiness framework, and we are hopeful, with our multiple veteran special forces partners committed to help make this program as effective and useful as possible, that we will be able to provide guidance on how to hack the mind to reduce the effects of PTSD like some of our early mind hackers have done. Stay tuned and sign up with your email below to receive future information about these developments.

Sean’s Work with Artificial Emotional Intelligence

Figuring out how to explain how the human mind works has had some interesting side effects. It turns out that the same model Sean uses to explain the human mind to MHH students also has some amazing applications in the world of Artificial Emotional Intelligence. Using his understanding of mind and deep mind, Sean has developed the first ever Algorithms of Human Emotion that are not reliant on biosensors. These will soon to be used to not only create simulated Turing test passing emotional responses in artificial personalities (think; C-3PO), but they will also be used to help create functional empathy and compassion in computer logic and their applications. Unfortunately, Sean’s 2012 book on AEI was used (without his knowledge) to hack the 2016 National Election through a social media disinformation campaign. But if Sean knows how to hack millions of minds to benefit a special interest, he can certainly help you to understand how you can hack yours to benefit you.


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The Science of Meta-Awareness
Numerous peer reviewed published studies have shown that training the mind in meta-awareness improves health, decreases stress, decreases blood pressure, and reduces cortisol which causes inflammation in the body and brain.  In addition, learning and practicing meta-awareness increases emotional intelligence, long and short term memory, creativity, short and long term focus, and cognitive resilience. Show me the science!
Turning Down the Negative Mind at Will
Studies at UCLA Medical Center showed that focusing the mind in a particular way can turn down the mind’s negative emotional reactions in real time. Researchers saw the brain actually turn off the amygdalae (the negative emotions center), returning the brain to baseline much faster than with study participants who did not focus their minds. This is a magic “happy button” in our brains we never knew we had.
You Can Change Your Brain Permanently
It’s called neuroplasticity, and it’s the science that says our brains can and do change based on how we use them. Of course, we knew we could get better at crossword puzzles with practice, we knew we could get better at basketball with practice, and we knew we could get better at playing the piano with practice.  What we didn’t know until just recently was that we can actually get better at living a happy and completely fulfilled existence with practice because of how our brains change to help us to do that… at least when we learn how to change our brains to accomplish that result.
You're Tired of Shit That Doesn't Work
There are hundreds of approaches to improve life. Following habits of effective people. Trying to change your attitude to gratitude. Thinking positive to create the positive. Unfortunately, most if not all of the existing approaches promoted to create positive changes in our lives work AGAINST our brain’s internal wiring. This provides a huge challenge to creating change in our lives even before we get out of the gate. Mind Hacking Happiness is different. Informed by the latest emotions science and neuroscience, Mind Hacking Happiness uses the brain’s existing wiring to your advantage, enabling change through the very circuits the brain uses to make changes occur when we’re not looking. You almost can’t help but to improve your mind and life thanks to this new science.

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