It’s time to level up your mind.

Increase IQ – Increase EQ – Increase Cognitive Function – Increase Creativity, Memory, and Focus – Decrease Anxiety, Depression, and Negative Mood States – Reduce Chronic Pain and Inflammation – Increase Immune System, Health, and Well Being.

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Your mind is hackable. The latest cognitive neuroscience has revealed the quick daily mind tricks you can use to literally change how your mind processes information and change the quality of life your mind creates for you. That means less fear, anxiety, and stress, and the ability to supercharge your mind for optimal effectiveness. If you’re looking for the top level mind training, THIS IS IT.

Step 1

Consume some of the bite-sized content. We have books, some podcasts, a YouTube channel and other social media accounts, and an award winning online course on mastering your mind (which in response to the COVID-19 effect on the economy, is now FREE – $1000 value), the Mind Hacking Happiness Mind Mastery 101 Course. In short, step 1 is to learn how YOUR mind works for the first time in your life.

“Your mind creates your life. All your thoughts, emotions, stress, anxiety, and especially your personal happiness… all come from your mind. Don’t wait for the world to align all its external conditions to make you happy. Align your internal conditions instead. Masters aren’t born. They’re developed. Let’s develop your mastery.”

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Mind Hacking Happiness 

Mind Hacking Happiness

Mind Hacking Happiness Volume II

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Another book is on the way!

New Book: The Human Mind Owner’s Manual is in process!

Mind Mastery 101 (FREE)

W.O.W.  I am so appreciative and grateful for this course.  I have read both Mind Hacking Happiness Volumes 1 and 2 multiple times, however, this course adds a practical component to the materials that is simply amazing.

Lleslle Schroeder

Get an Amazing Tool

Get the meditation headband that monitors your brain waves!

The Muse meditation headband monitors your brain for optimal output while teaching you to meditate through your mobile device and numerous guided programs to fit your needs!

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Step 2

Break the internal process that causes your personal  pain and suffering.

Step 3

Deepen your practice and insight, gaining mastery over time.

Step 4

Let neuroplasticity create lasting changes in your brain. Keep your new superpowers.

The Four Steps to Mastering Your Mind

Our state of the art podcast studio designed to serve you.

The Books

Mind Hacking Happiness explains your mind in a way that reveals how to create enduring beneficial changes in your life. Isn’t life about attaining and sharing happiness? Yes it is, and these books explain the deepest secrets of that truth.

“In the SEALs I learned I could control my mind. Mind Hacking Happiness takes that to a whole new level.”

Ben Johnson

US Navy SEAL Medic/Sniper

My Approach & Philosophy

When teaching about enlightenment and mastery of the human mind, many teachers exhibit a demeanor of perfect calm, soft spoken wisdom, unassuming humility, and seem to command great separation from human ego. Frankly, that’s just not my style.

It’s not that I don’t have that perfect calm within. I do. It’s not that I can’t draw forth a soft spoken wisdom. I can. It’s not that I have not overcome ego and don’t know that I’m not any more special or important than you are. I have indeed overcome ego, and I do understand that in the end, the entire purpose of my existence is to be here to serve you.

I just figure it’s more effective not to be boring while I try to deliver you this best-in-class training content. My approach to help you level up your mind is based on mixing the most ancient of global wisdom disciplines with the latest cognitive neuroscience discoveries, which helps sharpen the understanding of both. I just elect to also mix in a whole lot of personality quirks when I am speaking in front of a camera, or writing words onto a virtual page. If you can deal with my playful ego, I won’t lead you astray. 

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