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The Science of Mind Hacking Happiness

The Science of Mind Hacking Happiness

Mind Hacking Happiness on Theater of the Courtroom


Neuroscience shows we lose 10-20 IQ points when certain negative thought circuits are active, and these circuits can be turned on for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years at a time.

There is a way to consciously turn those circuits off at will and get your GENIUS back?


Mind training can increase your personal productivity by 20%, and has been shown to increase income, working memory, creativity, focus, and job satisfaction.


Mind training can change gray matter in your brain to work better in as little as two hours?


Mind training can make you a better lover, better parent, and with children it can improve grades, test scores, leadership scoring, and reduces bullying issues.


It can also increase emotional well being in adults and kids and improve relationships, increase empathy and compassion?