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Why are we here?

Hello Sean,

Thank you for the I Am Spirituality video podcast and Mind Hacking Happiness Vol. 1 & 2.  I have watched the entire series of the podcast, though I was a little late to the party and only just discovered it last year.  And how that came about was an interesting story in itself, but not part of my question.

I have just finished reading about your enlightenment in MHH vol 2 (thank you, by the way, for going into much more detail than you related in your podcast episode on the subject).  Although I have not been through an experience of enlightenment, I believe that we all are a part of Consciousness/God, and only have the illusion that we are separate.

I understand that death is not to be feared, because through death our energy returns to its source.  Due to my work in the field of Crisis  and Trauma, I am well aware that those who perpetrate on others have also likely experienced severe trauma themselves at some point. I accept that those that victimize others in this world are loved by Consciousness/God no less than those that are victims.  I also acknowledge that the worst experiences of my own life have taught me the most, and led me to be "the me" I am today.

What I have not yet grasped, is why must we come into this life experiencing the illusion of separateness and thus experience suffering at all?  What is the purpose of Consciousness experiencing suffering?  I am certain you have addressed this at some point in the podcast or MHH books, but it is not sticking in my mind for some reason.  I accept that there is no darkness without light, no up without down, no joy without suffering,etc., but that dichotomy seems to be a rather simplistic answer for the depth of suffering some experience in this life  without ever getting to experience the joy.  Please share any insight you have on the big, "Why are we here?" question.

Thank you for sharing your experience and insight!


Hey SA! Those are great questions, actually.

First, I think suffering isn’t the design, but a side effect of the design which is optional if you learn mastery of the mind.

So... I agree with all you suppose regarding universal consciousness, and our collective connectedness. The snag comes in when we experience these physiological human bodies of ours... and in that statement, I mean our brains are rather limited in their ability to process information at any one consciousness level (science proves we have many levels of consciousness in our brains), and our levels of consciousness must be separated from each other, lest they get overwhelmed and confused. We experience this truth directly as we live and move around from the vision of our conscious awareness, while a ton of stuff is going on under the covers regarding subconscious thinking, all the way down to cellular consciousness of immune system function and nervous system processing. We live from our waking awareness without being able to directly (at least not without a lot of practice) access the subconscious processing of the brain. But again, there’s a ton of stuff going on under the covers in our brains at any one moment. And true to the wisdom of the separation of our layers of consciousness, we would be overwhelmed if we were to ‘hear’ all that was going on waking consciousness.

Well, this pattern is also what separates us from universal consciousness and universal intelligence (I.e. “the Mind of God”) because to access universal consciousness as a regular function would be overwhelming to the meat suit we wear. It would not be able to function from a physiological standpoint. No organic material would. And so there is a separation of consciousness levels for a life sustaining purpose. Unfortunately, this separation then creates the illusion of separation, because without ever experiencing that deeper consciousness, you never learn there is more to you than you ever thought possible. That’s how I see it anyway, having gotten the grand tour of the body and consciousness along the way during my little consciousness expansion experience.

And personally, to address your last question, I believe that the meaning of life is to enjoy it, and help other people enjoy it wherever and whenever possible.

let me know if this answers your question, or if you have any more. I have no idea if the answers I provide will be correct, but maybe between the group of us we can figure this happiness thing out for all of us.