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Use of words that hurt before you can get the person to the point where they don't

Why do that? Why--in the middle of recognizing the power of certain things to affect people--why use "fuck"( and the other inflammatory words you use) when it basically conveys, in English, a brutal, or at least humanity-less, copulation? Your PERCEPTION may be mired in your history and distance from the meaning and origins of words, but nonetheless, they have great power. If you haven't already, research the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto and his experiments on the effects of words on water of which WE are 70 percent. I am reading your book and, nonetheless, trying to get past your use of words. The onslaught seems to be lessening as I read further, and the lessons seem to be communicating much more effectively. Is that not what you want? Why risk not having important truths received when they can be empowering and when you have so little to gain by slamming some of us who understand and appreciate the power of language in the face, as Emoto proved, even aside from our perceptions? Words have power in and of themselves aside from people's perceptions of them---I would have recommended your book, I am sure, except for that glaring issue.

I'm very sorry you don't like the vocabulary I use. I may not be the best teacher for you for that reason. My best to you in finding a better one.

And regarding the science you referenced, the experiments on water have been proven a hoax because of the inability to replicate the experiment by other scientists. Water does not change its structure because of words taped to the side of the vial.