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This stuff works!!


I just wanted to say how much this book has helped me. I didn't realize how much until I started the MM101 course. I am slowly going through it and making sure I comprehend everything he says because I'm sold. I have suffered from depression nearly all my life and I've been on every medication there is. Nothing has helped...until this. And now by understanding and using the "name it, tame it" and other techniques he teaches I'm finally able to truly be ok with things that would have normally thrown me into a tailspin.  I just had my AHA moment when I looked at the chart that shows the benefits of being able to turn down the default mode network and increase emotional intelligence.  I seen AND UNDERSTOOD where I was different in so many of the bullets on that chart!  Sean really stresses that you have to do the homework and I half heartedly made attempts while reading the book but when his MM101 course came out, it was perfect timing for me. I was realizing I was getting sadder by the day and needed to do something because I knew being depressed was just making it harder for me to live my life as each day passed.  I'm super stoked about this course and I'm going above and beyond the homework. So, as he says....if your not going to do the homework. ...don't waste your time. But if you are....Congrats..because this book/course is definitely a game changer.  Best wishes to you all, read the book, do the homework and be blessed and HAPPY  🙂