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The Practice Feels too Heady...

Howdy Sean,

So, I've been trying to implement the mind-hacking strategies from book 1.  The process just seems very heady to me, especially as a Vipassana practitioner that is taught to feel and watch sensations in the body as the mindfulness practice.  You mentioned at one point in the book that Matthieu Ricard also advises to observe and feel the actual sensation of the emotion that has been generated instead of focusing on the story or material behind the emotion.  However, you kind of lost me at this point in the book because you went on to describe how we should watch the workings of our self-map, which I find to be a very analytical process for (the) me.  And somehow you tie it in with Ricard's practice of observing lost there.  Anyways, when I try to practice being aware of items on my self map that are threatened, attacked, lost, etcetera, I find that I am far removed from the reality of the moment.  For example, in an argument with my wife, I became aware of items on my self-map that were becoming attacked, watching them.  Of course, to her, it looked like I spaced out for a second- which I did, and she became angry that I wasn't listening- and I wasn't truly.  Do you have any ideas as to how I might tailor the practice or if I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks for everything 🙂