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The EP


Forgive me in advance if I missed this, Where does a persons EP actually come from is some of it "pre-loaded" at birth or is it all learned?


Great question Rob.

It’s both a hard wired functionality, but also completely dependent in what finds its way onto your {self} map (besides your body, which is kinda hard-wired).

So... anything that winds up on the {self} map (body, family, friends, stuff, ideas, politics/religion, etc.) automatically gets an EP assigned associated with homeostasis, which is a driver of all of our living cells in our bodies. It basically states “everything must be held at status quo or increased in value, or we need to take action”. So every individual item on your {self} map gets an EP automatically assigned birthed from this homeostasis process.

So if you like a certain sports team, that team’s news and game scores need to hold the team at status quo or  increase in value, or you’re not gonna like it. Or if you’re attached to a family member, that family member needs to be held status quo were increased in value or you’re gonna have a reaction.

Then the EP gets measured against your perception of moment to moment thoughts and events, which includes an appraisal process of how good or bad you think that thought/event is... which then creates an emotional reaction as a result.

But you knowing just this much of the process to the point you can review both your EP and P regarding any one situation... dumps you into meta-awareness... the control room of the mind... where you get back control of your mind again rather than being totally derailed or distracted by the emotional processing.

Lemme know if this makes sense. 😜


Thanks for the quick response. It Kinda makes sense at the moment the more I am aware it seems like it will make more sense. I get the concept just a little fuzzy around the edges LOL. Also, before I found you and your work (I first heard you on Donald Millers Podcast a few weeks ago) and I am not sure how I didn't find it sooner. My path took me to Shad Helmstetter who wrote the book "What You Say When You Talk To Yourself" and for many years have listened to his Selftalk library. Is listening to that a waste of time or is there a major benefit to it?

Thanks for helping me understand this!