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Sensations and the Brain. Mind Knots. What's happening and what's a solution from your perspective?

Hi Sean. Thanks for your work.

My question is on sensations and the brain, or mind knots as I like to call them.

Transcending the mind through meditation and spiritual enquiry creates distance from The Me, from thoughts, from the self referential narrative.

Yet as this story quietens down and takes a back seat, in my experience the sensations within the body take prevelance.

The so called 'brain' at times can feel like a concrete block, or hold tight knots. The heart chakra region can also feel stabbed, blocked or painful. Other parts of the body can have these knotted sensations yet they dissolve much easier in my experience.

These experiences may not come with any story, yet at times these energies speak and express and open which can lead to dissipation. At other times a secondary story from The Me arises as it wants to 'do' something about the painful sensation, or reflect upon where or for what reason the sensation arises, this creates a new unnecessary loop.

It could be believed that the mind creates these sensations or knots as a habitual impulse, and that there is an illusion of safety about the feel of them. Perhaps a fear that as they dissolve into awareness, the beautiful spaciousness, the mind made self experiences that as a death. As well it could be said they are traumas from the past feelings and emotions unexpressed.

I hope this paints a realistic picture of these experiences and mental ruminations of My Me.

If you could, please ellaborate on the connection between sensations and the brain. Are the sensations in the brain and body unacknowledged commands that need acknowledgement and what further short cuts are there if any to this process? What else does science have to say on this subject and similar experiences?


Thanks for your time,