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On going meditation and God experiences ??

So Sean, Have you had any additional world view changing meditation come be with God experiences?? Would you welcome or want any more ?? or was your one super enlightenment experience (described in such graphic, helpful and edifying detail for this reader in Volume II) enough for one lifetime??  I am also curious about your own ongoing meditation practice(s)??  One of the best books I read on Zen defined Bodhisattva like this: one who can remain in remember/have recognition his true nature--I'm assuming no-mind (all day long uninterrupted  regardless of circumstances) and a Buddha is one who can maintain this uninterrupted  day and night  (I'm guessing his mind doesn't wander off undirected in dreams). How is you ability to maintain no-mind, presence, or awareness of you true nature ?? and was it affected by you mother of all Satori experience?? Thanks, Phil K.

Wow! A number of good questions. I will attempt to answer them as best I can.

First, yes, I've had additional experiences, but I they have not changed my world view after the initial transformation. I would welcome more, in the sense that it's nice to see a vacation spot the first time, and it's also nice to revisit that vacation spot, but I need nothing further to remain blissful and aware. Only one other experience added to understanding, which I will speak of some time much closer to my death. Maybe.

Meditation: I meditate regularly, and often in my float tank, because of its plastic effects on the brain. Using a gym analogy, it's much easier to stay in shape than to get in shape, and you're healthier when you stay in shape than when you let yourself go a little bit and require a big push to get back in shape. The same is true of the quietude of the mind. Much easier to stay in those no-mind patternswhen practiced.

It's easy to remain in no-mind much of the day if I wish, and depending on how much I am meditating, throughout the night. Many nights have been seemingly dreamless in the past. Lately, I have loosened up and have been dreaming with equanimity, letting the mind run and frolic without he roller coaster of emotional ride which can accompany dreams. No scary dreams any more, because no fear. I am that. Tat tvam asi. If I am that, it can't hurt me, and ultimately I control it if I wish. So no nightmares ever. 😉

Buddha/Bodhisattva: I subscribe to the school of thought where a Buddha is enlightened and devoid of all attachment, sitting in silence, and Bodhisattva is a Buddha who voluntarily leaves Buddhahood and puts on the attachment of helping people from suffering, and thus puts on the pain and suffering of the world again so as to be able to relate and lead people from suffering toward enlightenment. Only a Bodhisattva will ever speak. From the nervous system's point of view, an attachment of mind must be present to create the urge to speak, even if it is the urge to answer a question with a single 'yes' or 'no'. At that point, the enlightened one is no longer Buddha, but Bodhisattva.

My personal existence is more along the lines of Ikkyu or Chogyam Trungpa. Bliss can get boring. I can devoid myself of attachment and the cloak of ego at will, but the brain is designed to keep that stuff going (as explained in both books), so since it's there anyway chirping away anyway, I embrace it as a plaything and play that game to its fullest without it ever deeply affecting me. I can have heated discussions with friends over politics, get excited at a Cubs win, notice the physical attraction to a beautiful woman, etc., but at any moment I wish, mind becomes as deep and still as the ocean into pure awareness of the everythingness and nothingness of the universe. Or maybe I'm just telling myself that because I'm lazy. 😉

I think the ability to pull the plug on egoic reaction/mind noise is the best thing about having the memory indelibly written into the hippocampus. I don't have to imagine that space to return to it. I experienced it, and know it to be real, as science is further proving daily, so I simply return there at will.

I hope these answers help satisfy the inquiries. Dont forget to review the books online! Glad you liked them!

Well I don't think I have ever had my questions answered more thoroughly and extended beyond as tho anticipating what I might ask next any better. Thank you so much. I feel like  I had a profound experience just reading your many page recounting of your spiritual expeience: I described it this way responding to a closed ACIM FB group: Unless I am missing something in reading your accounts the others were unaware of you sublime Oneness tho you apparently saw much more than anyone else. Your experience reminds me more of a revelation/transcendental experience. Sean Webb in his book "Mind Hacking Happiness Vol II" shares such an experience. It seems like it's account went on for 20 or 30 pages (tho so far I only have it in Audible and Kindle not a book in print too so I can't say for sure on the number of pages--but I will be buying it in print soon) where in such a state of Oneness (in his case feeling One with God and all things living and otherwise) he was brash enough to ask to be shown the truth about everything. Oh my goodness what happens next is so profound and sublime I felt like I had been almost certainly transformed just reading it--and days later from my first reading I have happy tranfixing confidence re how God's-love-is behind-all-things flashbacks from his account. I want to swoon on about it like I feel like I have more confidence it will be much easier to lay the body down (when it is time) after reading it. You might want to check it out. ?♥️

That person made it sound like she would read the book and get back with me. It will be interesting if she does. Thanks again. Also if I have terrribly misquoted or understood you, please feel free to clarify.  ?♥️?