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MM101: Day 16: Ditching EPs Exercise

Hi All!

I'm working through the Mind Mastery 101 Course and I am on Day #17.  In today's lesson Sean suggested we post on the website regarding how yesterday's assignment went which was watching our EPs and seeing if we can move some of them to the outer edges of our {self} map or even move them off all together.  I wanted to share how this exercise practically worked for me yesterday.

Yesterday I took my mom to a follow-up doctor appointment because she has been feeling dizzy lately.  For some context, my mom is a lovely 80-year old and has been a hypochondriac and difficult patient for as long as I've known her because she typically doesn't follow doctor orders and she complains about her ailments A.LOT.

An EP that I had on my {self} map in relation to my mom, though, has been, "I must help my mom feel better all of the time.  It is my responsibility to help her feel better."

Well, at the end of the doctor appointment my mom's doctor literally threw her hands up and said that she has no idea what is causing my mom's dizziness and she is out of options because she (the doctor) cannot figure out what is going on.  The doctor determined that she has to refer my mom to specialists because nothing that the doctor has been recommending is working.

In the past, I would have freaked out because I would think that I have to fix my mom but how could I if the doctor was giving up.  I would have felt so much anxed and stress.

Instead though, I looked into my mind and I saw those EPs that I wrote above (you know, the ones about that it is my responsibility to help my mom feel better) and I decided that I was going to move that OFF of my {self} map.  When I decided that, a tremendous thing happened.  After the doctor appointment I was able to speak to my mom calmly and I told her that I would take her to get some blood-work done on Tuesday (because that was my regularly scheduled day to hang out with her) and we would go from there.  Then I asked her where we should get lunch and we ended up having a great time together!

In the past I would have been annoyed and talked to her in an annoyed way because my mind would have judged her for being such a difficult patient, but instead I decided to love her and realize that I am doing the best I can and perhaps she is just bored and needs some attention.

Anyway, just wanted to share that the EoE is helping me BIIIIG time and I am very much appreciating it.  I am coming to realize that my (or should I say "the my's 🙂 ) emotional reactions, EPs, and Ps are nothing personal, they just are a survival  and physiological mechanism.

The "I AM" gets to choose.  I love that.  🙂

Thank you, Sean, for creating this course and I am excited to continue to learn and grow.

Peace to you all!