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I'll get us started off.

I use Mind Hacking Happiness daily in watching my mind working to defend my mind's {self} in the small things that come up. When my son does something that I do not think is appropriate... or I see that I have not gotten all the things done that I wanted to accomplish by that point in the day where I am looking at my watch... I look at my mind trying to form its negative reaction to that moment. I see it as a process of my physiology and know that's not really me, and that it's just my body. Then I am able to clear my mind, react to my son in a more loving, caring, and prosocial way (which he responds better to, as do most of us), and/or I release by frustration and regret and refocus my efforts on my tasks at hand, getting back to work instead of chiding myself for not getting all the stuff done I wanted to get done. Do you relate to these?

I first heard about Sean through his answer on Quora to a question about enlightenment.  His answer was interesting, insightful and obviously coming from first hand experience.  And he's a great writer.

From there I got in touch and purchased both his ebooks and started putting the hacks to work right away.

I've had depression and PTSD since leaving the army injured back in 2000.

But I've been using the equation of emotion its turned the stress and anxiety right down.   I'm feeling more positive about life and often only 2 or 3 rounds I find it difficult to find negativity to focus on.   Even better as a side effect I'm realising actually how great my life is and how much I do get my expectations and preferences met.  This has made me really grateful for the life that I'm leading.

The things that I use the hacks for are things in the past that caused me pain, current situations (when I remember) and situations that I want clarity on.