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Float tank

HI..I first tried this the other day after reading Sean's first book. I loved it!! It was relaxing but I noticed my mind wandering quite a bit. Can you recommend a good meditation during that time? Just to maximize the whole experience. Thanks for any suggestions!

The first suggestion I have is just to count your breaths, and just keep going back to counting your breaths, starting at one every time you restart. You may think this too simple, but there’s a plastic effect you need to build with the noticing you’re distracted, and initiating a restart.  It’s a great exercise and important practice to get used to taking control of your mind whenever it is trying to do something you don’t want it to do. The more you get distracted and have to restart, the more practice you get, which makes that part of your mind stronger.

For a more advanced challenge, while floating, try visualizing a glass cube spinning in a dark void, where you can only see the cube because of an almost imperceptible intermittent relflection off the cube from some undefined light source. So you can barely perceive the cube, but every now and then it spins to the correct position to give you a little flash of light. Then take the sides of the cube away one at a time. Start with 6 sides of glass. Then 5, then 4... 3... 2... 1 single pane which only reflects light when the angle is right for it to reflect the light source. Then take away the last glass side of the cube and leave only the void. Hold that void in your mind. Be in it. Be it.

lemme know how that goes.