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Day 8 and things are going great

Pokin' my head around the forums since I'm enjoying the course very much. A big thanks to Sean. I still haven't set a schedule, but I've been able to pop in a ten minute meditation almost each day, and the journaling is really helping, everyday. At first I used the prompts Sean had mentioned, and now I journal about anything that might be bothering or something I remember bothered me. This helps me vent, but also, his discussion on how anger and anxiety could be tied to a threat to my mind's perception of itself, that helps me think of more possibilities on why this certain situation bothers me to get to the root of the problem which will help me resolve it... What is it about this situation that I am perceiving like a threat? What about it do I feel threatens me and why do I feel it's a threat to me? Is it a serious threat that's worth feeling so bad over? Most of the time, not so, and even if it is a relatively serious threat to my self, mind-wanderingly (if that's even a word) feeling bad about it isn't going to help the situation but you're naming it and taming, plus that threat means there is room to grow, and resolve this issue

Any who, just wanted to toss what I'm picking up from the course. I'd love to hear how it's helping other people. Peace and love fam