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Day 45 of Mind Mastery 101

Thanks for making a course that is straightforward, clear, concise, and not rushed.
The calm and patient manner of presentation helped to keep MY mind peaceful.

This stuff really helped put some momentum on concepts that I had been putting
as "command" orders TO my brain, but likely because there was no 3rd-party
validation/substantiation of the possibility that this was something (mind ordering
cells what to do) that could be done, the progress was probably hampered in scope.
Specifically, after realizing that a 2016 TBI was causing some brain short-circuiting,
my thought was that I would order my brain to repair, re-route, re-wire itself and get
back to a standard I was accustomed to.

Fast-forward to spring/summer 2020, as I immerse into this MHH MM101 class.
What's this?  You're talking about our mind being able to tell cells what to do.
YES... finally I have validation!  The handbrake is off, and this brain is not only
going to continue recovering, there are circuits that are being brought into the
mix that weren't even being used (to my knowledge) before.  This is no joke!
Another thing that has been very evident is the mechanism by which these
concepts (weak word, because they're more like factual protocols) will take
this information, process it, make it a part of the operating system, then put
it into a much more efficient level of consciousness than I have been able to do,
plus implement it withOUT my having to be my own emotional guard.

How does that look to ME in my recent day-to-day life?  I'm watching events
that, for the past 45 months, would have triggered impatience, intolerance,
aggravation, anxiety, snappiness, and the like (which made day-to-day stuff
sometimes annoying to family, friends, co-workers) from me in an instant,
yet now, I'm watching like a bystander as some level of consciousness runs
up, and knocks those emotions aside before my familiar consciousness even
has a chance to go up for the slam dunk of emotional lack of control that I've
been battling with.  This isn't a mild change... within the past couple weeks
it has been VERY noticeable to me.  I've been able to hack my brain to help
delay impulsiveness, which, at this point, is an interesting phenomenon, as
I had gotten kind of used to following through with an outburst, but find that
somehow, a mechanism has been developing that is outside of my having to
think about it, and has been stepping in.  It's weird. It's like... I wait for the
"emotional explosion" that had been problematic for the past several years
since my TBI, and rather than it running through me, I'm now looking at the
process as a bystander, with the CHOICE of whether I can let it go by,
acknowledging its existence, but not having to have it express THROUGH me,
outwardly.  I'm looking forward to it getting stronger as an "auto-pilot"
mechanism, and I won't have to divert any of my active-conscious energy
into its abatement (I still feel like I have to slow down or halt my current
focus-driven task at the moment when I feel the twitching in my thumbs as
something wicked this way comes).  My fumbling top-conscious self chuckles
when these occurences happen, and remembers when the exact same scenario
would trigger me, and cause me to have to go into a "time-out" to remove
myself from further aggravation or outburst potential.  It even sometimes
feels weird... like it (THE it?) is so used to getting triggered, that it's
just kind of waiting, ever so slightly on the edge of its seat, for the gate
opening to allow bad temper out.  Those negative outburst potentials
will just have to get used to disappointment, because they are getting
seriously shut down.

What if this course has started a snowball building, and as it ignites
more dormant areas of my brain, I find potential that ends up blowing
my old abilities away?  How cool is that?

I've also implemented taking meditation into my power-downs I do when
my brain's neuro-fatigue (still figuring out how to resolve that one)
tells me it needs some "me time". I'm convinced that implementing a
type of "leaving the side door open" meditating approach into these
power naps will add not just recovery, but also DIScovery!