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Audible version of MHH?

Hi Sean. I just finished watching your video on the Joe Rohan & Johann Hari interview and love the way you break down the concepts based on their conversation. It helped me understand why I disagreed with the label and the doctors giving a family member drugs as the only treatment for depression.  It also helps me understand their resistance to considering that they could potentially do something (other than take meds) about the way they feel.

In the video, you mentioned being able to get a copy of MHH on audible, but the link ( is broken. Is there another link to the free audible copy of MHH? -TB

Oops. Sorry. Try

if that doesn’t redirect to audible, where you get a free book with a trial membership. Let me know.




Ah yes. I misunderstood. I thought it was a promo code or something for the book. I already have Audible, so the free trial doesn’t apply 🙂 Thanks for the quick response. -TB