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I'll get us started off.


I use Mind Hacking Happiness daily in watching my mind working to defend my mind's {self} in the small things that come up. When my son does something that I do not think is appropriate... or I see that I have not gotten all the things done that I wanted to accomplish by that point in the day where I am looking at my watch... I look at my mind trying to form its negative reaction to that moment. I see it as a process of my physiology and know that's not really me, and that it's just my body. Then I am able to clear my mind, react to my son in a more loving, caring, and prosocial way (which he responds better to, as do most of us), and/or I release by frustration and regret and refocus my efforts on my tasks at hand, getting back to work instead of chiding myself for not getting all the stuff done I wanted to get done. Do you relate to these?